Eva Sheets

Échantillon de couleur Eva

Eva: Discover a New Product !

If you want to prolong the life of your boat while enhancing its appearance, one of the primary things you’ll eventually consider is redoing the flooring. Our Eva floors are the ideal solution for those seeking a beautiful floor that looks high-end without the high price tag. Made of 6 mm thick 46 x 86-inch planks, Eva’s peel-and-stick feature make for a quick and solid installation. Using a computer numeric control (CNC) machine, our distributors cut the planks to reveal your chosen motif. From there, our certified team will then install your new flooring in your boat. They’ll also thoroughly clean the surfaces in order to optimize the planks’ adhesion. For more information on our installation procedure, please visit the Eva Installation page.

Eva Floor’s Features

This elastomeric foam surface offers numerous advantages, including:

  • Comfort
    What’s a pleasure boat without comfort? A soft surface for your feet is a must for long hours aboard with your guests.
  • Protection against UV rays
    This protective feature will allow your floor to conserve its original colour over many years.
  • Solar heat resistance
    a solar heat resistant surface is sure to make walks on your boat a whole lot more pleasant, especially during a heatwave!
  • Non-skid
    A non-skid floor adds a new level of safety for you and your passengers. It’s a critical feature to keep in mind when selecting your flooring.
  • Faux wood feature
    The surfaces of Eva floors are brushed for a faux wood finish.

Available Colours

This product is available in a wide range of colours, which makes it easy to integrate into your decor. Eva floors are unique in that each plank comes in 2 different colours (that you can select). By cutting a specific design on each plank, the colour on top reveals the colour underneath. In addition, its brush finishing will add that luxurious touch to your nautical vehicle. The following colours are available:

Bronco over black

Bronco over sahara

Cinnamon over black

Cement over black

Granit over black

Rocky over black

Ocean floor over black

Choose an Eva Floor

Selecting an Eva floor is choosing a high-end look that’s guaranteed for 2 years. Its personalized design will undoubtedly make your book stand out among the rest. Contact one of our distributors today for more information on this new, unique product!


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